Circular economy

A circular economy is a regenerative system where resource intake and waste, emissions and energy leakage are minimized by slowing, closing and reducing materials and energy solutions. This can be achieved through long lasting durable design, continuous maintenance, repair, reuse, refurbishment, reprocessing and recycling.
This is in contrast to the linear economy, which is a “take, make and waste” production model. Circular economy is about closing the cycle, both socially, economically and ecologically. The EU has also decided on a circular economy package, which covers all member states.

Our Vision

Vera Park’s vision is to become the leading center for circular economy in Europe. And we will be through initiated networks, which have the skills and experience. By working close to each other, take advantage of the synergies that exist between the companies in the industrial park and in the cluster and dare to be innovative and at the forefront of innovation. We will be a forum where Business, Public Administration and Academy can work together to improve the processes and technologies required for full circular systems, so that each step of the process increases the value of the materials and products that are handled.

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About us

In August 2016, Sustainable Business Hub and NSR signed a cooperation agreement to develop Vera Park as an industrial park and test bed environment to develop new, efficient environmental technology, within the framework of Urban Magma. For three years, Vera Park is financed by Vinnova. SBHUB is a cluster for sustainability and environmental technology with approximately 100 member companies, including all companies at Vera Park. SBHUB Process Manager Development Magma Urban Magma, which aims to develop South Sweden into an international innovation and growth environment for urban supply systems and contribute to Swedish exports.

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